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2018 Gig Archive / Re: Ryland View, 01/06/18.
« Last post by ZigRudevics on 29 May 2018 14 05 »
Can do this one.
Hi Keith,

Can you count Jack and I in for this one please? Thank you. Jan x
2018 Gig Archive / Re: Ryland View, 01/06/18.
« Last post by Rew on 26 May 2018 18 02 »
Space for a few more strummers if anyone free
Hi Keith
I can do this one.
Sorry. On Hols for this one
Thanks to Wynn and Roy for setting all the chairs out before we all got there.

Well after the very nice afternoon tea it was time to pack up and exit stage left ;D Thanks for all the help packing away.

Cheers, Keith.
Thanks everyone for volunteering your time for this gig. The audience are elderlies and donít get to speak to anyone for days on end, so the church arranges these sessions, so they arenít so isolated.
2018 Gig Archive / Re: Spring Fayre, St Martins Church. 5th May 2018.
« Last post by Rew on 20 May 2018 16 55 »
I spoke to Gillian today and she said £317 was raised on this day. Pretty good considering ther was such a low footfall.
OK Wyn, I'll send it to you.
Cheers, Keith.
Am I too late? - If not can you send me the playlist please?

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